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OUTA for Lunch: Local Elections - No one to vote for?
Here’s what you should do


Who do you vote for if there's no one you align with? Join us as we unpack these critical questions. We'll help you make an informed decision

OUTA for Lunch: October Webinar - Change Leadership Discussions


Whistleblowing - The blessing and the curse.

Join Wayne Duvenage, Mandy Wiener, Cynthia Stimpel and Alison Tilley as they discuss the importance and perils of whistleblowing.

OUTA for Lunch: July Webinar - Change Leadership Discussions


Join OUTA, the Auditor-General and the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI), as we unpack the demise of governance and performance in South African municipalities. Together we will explore solutions aimed at getting ailing municipalities back to functioning, efficient institutions of Local Government.

Only 7% of municipalities in South Africa received a clean audit report in 2017/18

Join us to help improve your local municipality