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Enforcement Orders

OUTA has received numerous complaints from motorists who received SMS’s informing them that they have outstanding enforcement orders that will prevent them from renewing their vehicle or driving licences. In many cases motorists are unaware of any outstanding infringement notices for unpaid fines.

Our investigation shows that the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) is effectively converting old infringement notices into enforcement orders without following due process as laid out in the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act. An enforcement order has the effect of preventing a person from renewing his or her drivers’ licence. Whether the RTIA’s failure to comply with its process is attributed to capacity constraints or malicious collection practices remains, is still uncertain at this point. OUTA did raise the issue with the RTIA (see here) and we will keep you updated. 

In the meanwhile, we urge motorist to please check regularly whether they have enforcement orders or not, especially before they renew their motor vehicle- and drivers’ licenses.

To assist motorists, OUTA compiled a list of FAQ’s on the topic of unpaid traffic fines, infringement notices, enforcement orders and the process according to the AARTO Act, currently governing this process. 

For more FAQ’s and a further explanation on the process from when an infringement notice get issued, please see here.

SANRAL's irregular & wasteful expenditure amounted to R10bn in 2017.

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