The nominator is required to complete a nomination form with their contact details, the potential recipients contact information and motivation why the nominee deserves the OUTA recognition Certificate. The motivation should include:
- What happened in the community that was wrong, or what wasn’t happening that should have been?
- What did the nominee do to make the situation better by drawing on their core values of ethical leadership, courage, innovation, insight, honor and/or morals?
- What does this situation look like now? Is the work by the nominee ongoing? Has the nominee’s work inspired more change in this area?

Nominations can be made in written form and sent to the following email address -

An independent Selection Team reviews the nominations, conducts research, and makes decisions about finalists and recipients.

The recipient will receive communication via email or telephone about their recognition and be awarded a OUTA Moral Courage Recognition Certificate signed by the CEO of OUTA’s,  terms and conditions. 

Terms and Conditions

a) This program is not about encouraging people to put their lives or livelihoods in danger. Nor is it about urging or pressurizing people to come forward and expose matters of wrongdoing or unethical conduct. Instead, it’s all about recognizing people once they have decided to do so and acted accordingly. 
b) People cannot nominate themselves, nor can their immediate family members do so.
c) Even though the following acts are good and noble and deserving of recognitions, the OUTA MCR program will not be recognizing those who go out of their way to save someone or an animal in distress or in a life -threatening situation. 
d) Actions related to good deeds or heroism that requires physical bravery is not what this program is about.  Moral courage can and is practiced by anyone, no matter how big or small, strong or weak in physicality