OUTA expos√©: R13,8 billion of your taxes were paid to political parties over the last 13 years.  


Even though this funding is not secret, we were shocked to learn exactly how much money political parties with seats in Parliament and provincial legislatures are receiving in the form of subsidies that they voted for themselves. These billions effectively help parties to entrench themselves in power. 

Not only is it at the disadvantage of any new parties, but we regard it as an aspect of state capture, due to the amounts involved, the lack of transparency around it, and because it significantly increases the financial strength of represented political parties. 

The R13,8 billion is eight times more than the more widely known funding through the constitutionally authorised Represented Political Party Fund. OUTA wants clear public accountability for these extra funds, especially since none of this is declared in the new Electoral Commission funding reports. We want to know exactly what this money is spent on, as we believe this is far more funding than political parties should be getting from taxpayers. We will keep you updated on further developments on this project. You can read more here.