Coming soon: OUTA’s  easy to understand book on state capture  


State capture has become something of a buzz word in South Africa. But to understand the current situation in our country, it is vital to understand the recent past. 

This book, written with the input of the OUTA team, is aimed at ordinary South Africans and offers explanations to important issues, including:

Exactly what is state capture, and how did it happen in South Africa? 

How prominent state-owned enterprises collapsed during former President Zuma’s “nine wasted years” in office.

The role of the Gupta family and how this was exposed via the #GuptaLeaks

How and why Parliament failed in its oversight duties to prevent state capture from happening, despite plenty of evidence and charges/recommendations to act against certain SOE executives and boards, certain MPs and even prominent ministers. 

The argument for much needed electoral and parliamentary reform.

What MPs can do to force Parliament to act against corruption, tax abuse and the abuse of power.

OUTA supporters can pre-order the book (available at the end of November) at a special price of R230, including delivery to your door. Use promo code “FREESHIPPING” when ordering here