OUTA Supporters know that on 27 May this year, the Pretoria High Court declared former SAA chair Dudu Myeni a delinquent director. This followed a long, drawn-out case against Myeni, brought to the courts by OUTA and the SAA Pilots’ Association (SAAPA). Based on her denials and the Stalingrad tactics employed during the arduous (and costly) trial, we fully expected Myeni to attempt to appeal the May judgment – and on 18 June she duly filed an application for leave to appeal. However, given the harm that Myeni caused to SAA – and the potential for her delinquent behaviour to be repeated – OUTA is opposing her appeal application.  

In response to Myeni’s application for leave to appeal, OUTA has brought an application for the interim enforcement of the delinquent director order. This, says Stefanie Fick, Director of OUTA’s Accountability Division, is to ensure that the delinquency order comes into effect and is not suspended by any appeal brought by Myeni.

“Considering the damage Myeni did to SAA and the South African economy, and noting that at the time of the order she was still a director of four entities, we believe this is one of those exceptional cases that justifies enforcement. We cannot risk her causing more damage,” Stefanie insists.

  • OUTA-SAAPA filed the application for interim enforcement of the delinquency order in the Pretoria High Court on 9 July. 

  • The application asks that the order of delinquency is not suspended by any application for leave to appeal or any appeal, but will operate until the final determination of all appeals.

  • Myeni is opposing this. 

  • OUTA-SAAPA hope this application will be heard simultaneously with Myeni’s application for leave to appeal.