Move ahead with restructuring and unbundling Eskom, especially Eskom Generation.

Sell off non-core assets and some core generation assets to repay debt. 

Reduce the staff head count and remuneration and improve efficiency and productivity.

Improve procurement to reduce waste and cut corruption and maladministration.

Take on non-government shareholders to recapitalise the entities with non-government equity to help pay back debt.

Sell off core loss-making distribution assets, for example, in Soweto and other poorly performing areas, to those who can do things          better, to reduce losses and raise money to pay debt.

Replace poorly performing plants with least-cost new plants (wind and solar energy, and flexible generation capacity).

Reduce electricity theft and non-payment.

Improve revenue collection and reduce arrears debt, particularly from municipalities. 

Reduce cable theft and vandalism through better asset protection.

Implement more effective maintenance.

Ring-fence the carbon tax and electricity levy on coal-generated electricity paid by Eskom to government and use this towards                    improving energy efficiency and off-grid electricity.

Use the electrification grants to Eskom and municipalities to provide off-grid electricity to households. 

List the unbundled entities on the JSE to take on non-government shareholders, raise capital and reduce debt.

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