Though we get it that you don’t want to read about the state of our country while relaxing at the beach, we urge you to buy a copy of OUTA’s book Permitted Plundering: How Parliament Failed South Africa to read after your break. The book, written by Ilse Salzwedel, is a must-read about state capture and the role Parliament played to get SA into the mess it finds itself in.  

The book also tells the story of OUTA and the journey since Wayne Duvenage wrote his first letter to the media to express his concern over the planned e-tolls back in 2011.

Salzwedel describes the book as “state capture for dummies” and says it is the ideal read for all South Africans who want to get actively involved in turning South Africa around and holding government accountable. It is packed with information on OUTA’s work against state capture, our investigation into the Gupta Leaks and the work done by our Parliamentary team.

Get your copy TODAY at any of the following stores: 

Exclusive Books in Hyde Park, Sandton, Mall of the South, Nicolway, Benmore, Mall of Africa or Greenstone Mall.


Graffiti Books (in store and online at https://www.graffitiboeke.co.za/, for delivery countrywide and internationally)

The Book Keeper Shop (Equestria)

Exclusive Books: Menlyn

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Port Elizabeth:
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Exclusive Books Waterfront and Exclusive Books at Cape Town Airport (in domestic departures)

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