OUTA developed a matrix to determine the best candidates for the position of the new Auditor-General (AG). Our criteria included qualifications, auditing experience, leadership, finance and risk management. Using this process, the three most eligible candidates from the shortlist are:

Tsakani Maluleke
Michael Sass 
Zakariya Hoosain. 

“Tsakani Maluleke appears to be the best candidate, scoring full marks using the criteria of our matrix. Should she become AG, she will also be the first black woman to fulfil this role,” says Matt Johnston, OUTA’s Parliamentary Engagement Manager. “Maluleke is currently the Deputy Auditor-General and, as such, is well-positioned to build on the momentum AG Makwetu established.”

Parliament vetted over 70 candidates for the position and then released a shortlist of seven candidates for the public to share their views on. The shortlisted candidates are:

Mr Michael Sass, CA (SA)
Dr Moses Gasela, (FCCA, UK)
Mr Shabeer Khan, CA (SA)
Ms Rachel Kalidass, CA (SA)
Ms Tsakani Maluleke, CA (SA)
Mr Zakariya Hoosain, CA (SA) 
Mr Edmond Shoko-Lekhuleni, CA (UK)