Be The Boss. Be The Change.


We are all tired of the way things are going in South Africa. 

But there is a way we as citizens of the country can take back control: to vote in local as well as national elections. No election that concerns our democracy is too small or insignificant, and experts agree that the 2024 elections may be the most important elections in the history of our country.

Electoral reform means a change in a country’s electoral system. We at OUTA are fighting for a change that will put the power back in the hands of voters, ensuring more accountability from the people in government. This what we are doing to go towards an electoral system that strengthens the voters' ability to hold politicians to account.

Read about it here.

In other words, we want to be able to hold them responsible to actually DO their jobs and serve us – the voters – and not the parties on whose ticket they were elected for Parliament or any other office in government.  


It's important for South Africans to understand electoral reform but it is a very complex issue. This leaflet tells YOU all you need to know. Download it and share the knowledge with as many people as you can. Knowledge is power. 

Our research report on electoral reform was compiled by Dr Sithembile Mbete for OUTA and My Vote Counts. The report captures the history of South Africa’s journey on electoral reform since 1994, including the recommendations of the Van Zyl Slabbert report of 2003 and the Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) report of 2021. It also includes Dr Mbete's keen observations on how the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs handled the Electoral Amendment Bill this year. Read the report here.

Other civil society organisations also support electoral reform

My Vote Counts: Watch the highlights video from Electoral Reform Indaba here.

Rivonia Circle: Watch the podcast "Can we improve the voting system in South Africa?" here.

Civics Academy: "How does the electoral system work?" podcast here.


This project is in collaboration with My Vote Counts and funded by KAS South Africa


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